Being successful

I will talk of three major things :
Have a dream Mentality change working hard

Success is not for the lucky few as most people tend to put it, rather for the people who have a desire to leave a significant mark in their generation.Being successful all depends on oneself. Many people in life have decided to settle for average, 98% of people today are living average not because they don’t have the potential but because they lack the determination,zeal and majorly belief in themselves;if you can’t believe in yourself then no one will,it all starts with you.

To be successful you have to have a dream. This is actually the first step to being successful.You will get knocked down so many times as you try to reach your dreams,you will fill like you don’t have the energy,strength to get back up and even fill like giving upis the only option but say NO cause that’s the time rise up, brush off the dust and keep hitting back.Be hungry for your dream and go hunt it but remember you are not the only hunter so you have to be doing something extra that they are not doing.Many people decide to ‘die’ as early as 20 and buried at 60 or 70 this is because they have decided to live as ‘slaves’ and refuse to be set free and failure to realize that their existence is evidence that their generation is looking for something their life contains.

Mentality change is my second major step to being successful.Great success can be achieved when one is ready to change his or her mind.Many young people have great dreams but they fail to achieve them because they never experienced mentality change in their lives.If you want to change the world change yourself by changing your mentality. The brain is the greatest gift GOD has given mankind. If you can tune your mind to do what you want then you will be walking down the road to success.To change what you see on the outside you have to change what you see in the inside. Your body will reach a point and stop growing but you brain will never; so do all it takes to feed your mind with what is positive.

Lastly work hard cause success is not for the lazy.All the successful people you see and know all of them have a story to tell.They choose to be successful and despite their success they are still working hard ,making big deals every day,winning championship titles and many more.Start your day right set daily goals that you must achieve, don’t rest until you achieve this goals.Productivity is always intentional,end laziness and work hard cause it does pay.Work to stand out when others are just standing up.many people have the ability to do wonders but are just to lazy to do that.others are doctors who will never realize their potential,great business men and women who will never get to sign those deals ;all because they refuse to work hard and would rather remain in their comfort zone.


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